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Aadya Bazaar

Carnelian & Amazonite Earrings. Sterling Silver. Post Earrings. 1370

$0.00 $75.00

Aadya Bazaar

Carnelian & Amazonite Earrings. Sterling Silver. Post Earrings. 1370

$0.00 $75.00

Sold out
Amazonite and carnelian earrings created for us in Taxco. These are one-of-a-kind and signed.
2.5 inches long
Signed. Atelier Aadya.

the pair weighs 23 grams.

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Amazonite is great for non-verbal expression, soothing aggravation or emotional trauma and it can help to ease irritation.

It is a good energy filter, blocking geopathic stress as well as electromagnetic pollution emitted from computers, microwaves, or cell phones.

Amazonite also assists the user in seeing different sides of the same issue, and balances masculine and feminine energy as well as different personality traits, thus helping one to escape the illusion of separation from the Divine.

To connect and communicate with Fairies and Nature Spirits, you can work with Amazonite.

Amazonite is a "Stone of Success and Abundance", attracting focus and good luck.

When it's time to leave this life, Amazonite can aid in a peaceful transition.

Amazonite aligns the physical and subtle bodies, clears energy blocks and helps calm the Chakras.

Physically, Amazonite can assist with throat, thyroid, sinus, chest and lung issues; breast health; upper spine and recovery after surgery/illness. Use Amazonite to help in maintaining overall health and a healthy lifestyle.

Carenlian- Used in ancient times to protect the dead in their journey to afterlife, Carnelian helps to calm the fears about death and rebirth, bringing serenity and acceptance of the great cycle of life.

Carnelian is a powerful Sacral Chakra Stone. It increases personal power and physical energy, gives courage, and boosts creativity and compassion. Wearing or carrying Carnelian can enhance vitality and will, providing higher energy needed when approaching new projects and dreams.

Carnelian calms anger and grounds you in reality, while keeping you aware of unconditional Love permeating the Universe.

Carnelian encourages initiative and determination.

Mentally, Carnelian focuses analytical capabilities, and aids meditation by allowing deeper concentration and keeping out interrupting thoughts. Carnelian is useful in making decisions by keeping us focused on the here and now and not on past experiences.

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